Google I/O 2018: Android P Amazing Features Revealed

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"At the very least Google should seriously consider some sort of notification that people are interacting with an AI".

Anti-wiretapping laws in California and several other states already make it illegal to record phone calls without the consent of both the caller and the person being called.

The initial Developer Preview would not connect to Wi-Fi when disconnected from Bluetooth, as a power saving feature apparently. The assistant added pauses, "ums" and "mmm-hmms" to its speech in order to sound more human as it spoke with real employees at a hair salon and a restaurant.

The primary focus of the newest version of Wear OS is to improve battery life on wearables like smartwatches.

To really get the most out of the system, you'll have to use voice commands. I think it could be improved pretty easily (like killing the back button and adding the left wipe I just mentioned, swiping down to access the app switcher to not make the app drawer so confusing, etc.).

Google's likely assumption was that if your smartwatch isn't connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, that would mean it's not in use.

Android P will also have new navigation changes that will make interacting and multitasking on your phone a more intuitive experience.

Android P comes packed full of exciting new features, but it also introduces a huge change in how you'll navigate your smartphone. Users on such phones will have to flash the update on their phones manually. Today, we have come up with the steps involved in installing this update on eligible devices.

Digital assistants making arrangements for people also raises the question of who is responsible for mistakes, such as a no-show or cancellation fee for an appointment set for the wrong time.

Google has claimed that it can reduce app sizes up to 50 percent. For the first time, it opened up the beta software to users with devices other than Nexus and/or Pixel phones.

Formally known as Android P, the OS remains in beta mode-and if you have one of the devices listed below, you can get it early. It's not stable enough to be your daily driver; currently, the secondary camera is not working. Those apps are recommended to use foreground services, while Google is still optimizing this feature based on developer feedback. The app had been criticized for allowing commercial content that some considered to be inappropriate for young children. Now, Gmail will become even better, with a new Smart Compose feature that will help you finish your sentences in emails, thanks to AI and machine learning.